St. Croix Heritage Dancers
Bradley Christian, President : Alvin Milligan, Vice President
The St. Croix Heriage Dancers: Preserving Culture for 27 Years
Queen of the Ball 2008, Mrs. Delita Moorehead Civil
The St. Croix Heritage Dancers, Inc. was formed on January 16, 1981.  Its founder, Mr. Henrique Santos, was elected the first President the other officers were Mr. Bradley E. Christian, Vice President, Ms. Norma Christian, Secretary, and Mrs. Claudia Walker, Treasurer.  A few months later, Mr. Santos asked the vice-president Mr. Bradley Christian to officiate in his place, as his job was demanding, therefore making it impossible for him to continue as president.  Mr. Christian has been elected president of the St. Croix Heritage Dancers from 1981 to the present time.
                                                          Bradley Christian, President

The philosophy of the Club is to preserve the cultural dances of the Virgin Islands so that future generations will have an awareness of our culture, which is a mixture of our origin and the culture left with us by the seven flags which flew over St. Croix.


Over the years, the St. Croix Heritage Dancers have performed the French and German Quadrille, and have made numerous appearances at various locations, including Government House, hotels, cruise ships, and on the Good Morning America Show televised from the Virgin Islands.  The Club has performed at the Festival Cultural de la Caribe Guadalupe and in the St. Thomas Carnival.  A number of organizations have enlisted the services of the St. Croix Heritage Dances including Christiansted Business and Professional Women, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Danish Cultural Exchange, Virgin Islands Cultural Spring Review, St. Croix Doubles, The Toastmasters Club, Virgin Islands Puerto Rico Friendship Committee, Rotary West, United Nations Conference, Governor of Guam, Carifesta V. Dame Nita Barrow, Governor General of Barbados, St. Thomas Committee to Renew our culture, Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, D.C., restaging of Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Agricultural Food Fair, Diamond Jubilee Celebration, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc., Retirement Recognition Dinner held for Alexander Henderson school teachers, First Quelbe Festival, Wives of HOVIC, Headstart, The Buccaneer Hotel, Tourism Week, Dr. Roy Schnieder’s birthday celebration with comedian Oliver at Island Center, and the Friends of Denmark.  Additionally, the club performed for the children of Queen Louise Home, the Senior Citizens of Christianisted and Frederiksted, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Wilford Pedro’s 100th birthday celebration, the Moravian Church 250th Anniversary, dedication of Quelbe Music as the cultural music of the Virgin Islands, and Mrs. Delta Dorsch’s 90th Birthday Celebration.


The St. Croix Heritage Dancers, Inc. also performed for the Senior Citizens Ball, The Anesthesiogists Conventions, The Senior Citizen Month Party at Herbert Griggs’ Home, Hovensa Christmas Party, Mrs.Violet Connor’s 70th Birthday Celebration, The Bureau of Tourism Cultural Bazaars, The Danish Moravian Church members, The Virgin Islands Cultural Journey Into Quadrille at the Reichold Center For the Arts, The Quelbe Festival at Island Center for the Performing arts, The West Indies Heritage Institute Graduation Ceremony, Hay Penny Beach Club members, AME Church Cultural Night Activity, The Lieutenant Governor’s Conference, The University of the Virgin Islands Freshman Orientation Program, The Bethlehem Action Committee, at Government House for the Prime Minister of Antigua, and at Whim Great House for Tempo’s filming of Virgin Islands Culture, The St. Thomas Heritage Dancers Second Anniversary Ball and the Guateque, Folkloric Ballet de Puerto Rio.  The St. Croix Heritage Dancers, Inc. demonstrated the correct way of dancing Quadrille at the 2008 Agriculture Fair on February 16, 2008.  Mr. Bradley E. Christian, President called commands that the audience can learn and explained what the commands meant as the Dancers demonstrated.



                                           The 27th Anniversary Booklet was dedicated
                                            in the memory of the late Culture Bearer, 
                                                         Mrs. Thelma Barry Clarke


               BALLS IN REVIEW


Each year, the St. Croix Heritage Dancers Organization selects a theme for its ball, and honors two individuals for their contributions to preserving the cultural heritage of the Virgin Islands.  The first ball of the series was held in 1983, with the theme Canary and yellow attire.  Two outstanding Crucians were honored:  Mrs. Delta Dorsch and Mr. Vincent Harris.


In 1984, the Snow White Ball was held, and everything was spectacular in white.  Mr. Wilford Pedro and Mrs. Helen I. Joseph were honored.  The King and Queen of the ball were Senator Edgar Iles and Mrs. Evelyn James.


The third Ball was the Le France Ball. The name is commemorative of the pink rose of France, and the participants were attired in pink.  The King and Queen of this ball were Mr. Leroy Arnold, Sr. and Mrs. Thelma Barry Clarke.  Honorees were Ms. Elaine O. Urgent and Mr. Stanley Jacobs.


The fourth Ball was the Champagne Ball, where the color of the evening was champagne.  The King and Queen of this ball were Mr. Lawrence Bastian and Mrs. Patricia Frorup.  Honorees were Mrs. Eliza McBean, Mrs. Ethel McIntosh and Mrs. Alberta Messer.


In 1991, the Heritage Dancers held the fifth grand celebration, with the Rainbow Ball.  Honorees were Mrs. Maude Andreas and Mrs. Leona Watson, and the King and Queen of the Ball was Mr. Anthon ‘Chuckie” Christian and Mrs. Beverly Williams.


The 1993 Blue Bell Ball had as its honorees, Mr. Ohaldo Williams and Mrs. Delita Eastman.  King and Queen were Senator St. Clair Williams and Mrs. Alice Petersen.


The Madras Ball was the charm of 1994, with everyone dressed in colorful madras attire.  Mr. Frank Charles and Mrs. Almira McIntosh were honored, and the King and Queen were Mr. Charles “Charlo” Christian and Ms. Dawn Bruce.


Eighth in the series was the Evergreen Ball, and the color was dark green.  Honorees were Mrs. Ione Pemberton and Mr. Olaf A. Jackson.  King and Queen were Mr. Sebert Hewitt and Mrs. Daryl Roebuck.


The ninth ball in the series was the 15th Anniversary Crystal Celebration and the color was champagne.  Honorees were Mrs. Gloria Joseph and Mr. Richard Schraeder.  King and Queen were Mr. Alvin Milligan and Mrs. Theresa Douglas.


The tenth Ball in the series was the 16th Anniversary Black & White Ball, and the color was black and white.  Honorees were Mrs. Eulalie Rivera and Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights.  King and Queen were G. Luz A. James, and Mrs. Delta Dorsch.


Eleven in the series was the Danish Ball, and the colors were red and white.  Honorees wee Ms. Ruddie George and Mr. Sylvester “Blinky” McIntosh.  King and Queen were Leif and Elizabeth Pederson.


Twelfth in the series was the Canary Ball, which featured the color yellow.  Honorees were Dr. Olaf Hendricks and Mr. Dimitri Copeman.  King and Queen were Mr. Al Franklin and Ms. Anastacia Doward.


Thirteenth in the series was The Mother’s Day Dinner Dance which was held at the beautiful St. George Village Botanical Gardens on May 13, 2000.  It was in commemoration of all mothers.  There was no theme, King, Queen, or Honorees, as The St. Croix Heritage Dancers, Inc. wanted all mothers to enjoy the lovely music of Milo and The Kings, and the beautiful dinner prepared by Mrs. Gloria Joseph.


Fourteenth in the series of our Grand Balls was our Twentieth Anniversary Ball, and the colors were depictive of the New Millennium, Silver and Purple.  The honorees were Mr. Will Thurland and Mr. Camile “Derby” Macedon.  King and Queen were Mrs. Amelia Gill and Mr. Octave McBean.



On May 26, 2002, St. Croix Heritage Dancers hosted a Golden Ball.  It was very special, as it commemorated 50 years of Christmas Festival Festivities.  The featured color was gold and the honorees were Mrs. Judith Nelson and Mr. Floyd Henderson.  The King and Queen were Mr. Ron de Lugo and Mrs. Winona Hendricks.


Sixteenth in the series was the 23rd Anniversary Hibiscus Ball and the colors are depictive of the hibiscus flowers.  Our honorees were Mr. Eldred “Edgie” Christian and Mr. Ernest “Prince” Galloway.  The King and Queen were Mr. Michael Dow and Mrs. Sylvia Stewart.


The seventeenth ball in the series was the Black and White Ball, held to celebrate the Twenty Fourth Anniversary.  The colors were black and white.  The honorees were Mrs. Suzette Bough James and Mrs. Janice Pemberton Tutein.  The King and Queen were Mr. Norris “Dick” Harris and his lovely wife, Mrs. Rita Penn Harris.


Eighteenth in the series was the 25th Anniversary commemorating 25 years as a cultural group.  These years were celebrated in the form of a Grand Silver Anniversary Ball on October 14, 2006, and the color was Silver.  The honorees were Mrs. Theresa Douglas Paris, Miss Norma Christian, and Mr. Bradley E. Christian.  The Booklet was dedicated to Mrs. Gloria Gibbs and Dr. Yvonne Gordon Henry.  The King and Queen were Mr. Bradley E. Christian and his lovely wife Mrs. Patricia Christian.


The nineteenth Ball in the series was a Grand Snow White Ball which was held on June 2, 2007 and the color was white.  The honorees were Mrs. Mirza Lampe and Mr. Cyril Murphy.  The King and Queen were Mr. John Abramson, Jr. and Miss Charlita Schjang.  The booklet was dedicated to the late Adam Petersen, Grand Floor Master.


This year the theme of the Ball is the “Le France Ball,” and it was held in celebration of The Organization’s 27th Anniversary.  The King and Queen are Senator Shawn Malone and Mrs. Delita Moorhead Civil.  The honorees are Miss Charlita Schuster and Mr. Gerard Luz A. James, II.  The color of the theme is pink and it depicts the pink rose of France.