St. Croix Reading Campaign
Coordinator: Ms. Zoraida E. Jacobs (340) 773-1095
St. Croix Reading Campaign
Division of Curriculum, Assessment & Technology
District of St. Croix
The purpose of the Reading Campaign is to promote reading as an essential skill that should be mastered to be successful in life. It was developed by The Virgin Islands Department of Education, Division of Curriculum, Assessment & Technology, St. Croix District to address the challenges of reading and to encourage the community to read.

1. To develop partnership with departments, agencies, businesses, organizations and the community to assist in the planning and implementation of the Reading Campaign.
2. To provide professional development opportunities to foster more effective methods in the teaching of reading.
3. To provide parents and the public with means for helping and encouraging students to read.
4. To promote active participation through special reading activities.
5. To promote reading throughout the community.

The campaign benefits the community by:
• Forging a relationship among a variety of partners as they address the challenges facing students in reading.
• Heightening awareness of the relationship between poor reading skills, crime, unemployment, poverty and poor health.
• Emphasizing the rewards of good reading skills at personal, professional and community levels.
• Exposing the public to the rich profiles of writing, oratorical and educational accomplishments of Virgin Islanders.

Contact Ms. Zoraida E. Jacobs at (340) 773-1095  Via email at


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