Society of Virgin Islands Historians
Address: P.O. Box 24282 Gallows Bay VI 00824
                        Society of Virgin Islands Historian Mission Statement
                      Mission Statement (per Articles of Incorporation, Article III):
                     Mission Statement (approved at 29 October, 2008, meeting):

“….To promote an awareness of history and related matters of the  Caribbean, and the U.S. Virgin Islands in particular.” 


Elizabeth Rezende, President


Aletha Baumann, Vice President

Wilfredo Geigel, Treasurer


David Hayes, Secretary



                  The Society of Virgin Islands Historians was established in 1986. Its members, who are representative of the various disciplines related to the social sciences, have made scholarly contributions to the advancement and understanding of Virgin Islands and Caribbean history, culture, and lifestyles.


        There are two levels of membership in the Society: ”Professional”” and “Associate.” Persons interested in joining the Society should complete a copy of the Application Form (available below), and send it to the Secretary of the Society by post or email; the recommendation of two members who are in Good Standing, is also required.


                The Society holds regular meetings on the third Wednesday of the month. It also sponsors an annual meting on the third Saturday in January, which is open to the public without charge. Four scholarly papers on a wide variety of topics are presented. 


                The Society of Virgin Islands Historians has published its proceedings and occasional papers, a newsletter, hosted visiting lecturers, and provided guidance workshops for students interested in careers in the social sciences.



 Dr. Aletha Baumann


William Cissel


Dr. Arnold Highfield


Dr. Svend Holsoe



Patricia Murphy


Elisabeth Pedersen &


 Leif Pedersen


Dr. Elisabeth  Rezende


George Tyson


Anne Walbom


Nina York